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About me - Kati Bond

I am a Kundalini Yoga teacher and have specialized in helping addicted and co-dependent people to see themselves more clearly, to discover the richness of their lives and to find and walk their very own path.

I have 30 years of experience as a counselor on issues of a spiritual nature,  Questions on meaningful life (theologian) and practical life issues and on issues that affect the world of work (business coach).
My students know and love  my clarity, my focus and my humor.

I'm happiest when I can cook for my family, when I'm doing well at work and on my yoga mat.


My trainings

All my life I have learned new things, done training and developed myself further.

Here are my most relevant training and further education courses:

2023 Recovery 2.0 Coach with Tommy Rosen in Santa Cruz California (120 hours)

2022 Mastering the Addictive Personality with Carolyn Cowan in London (70 hours)

2021 KY Level 2 Conscious Communication with Panch Nishan in Berlin (60 hours)

2020 KYI Yoga teacher level 1 with Panch Nishan and Nirvair in Berlin (220 hours)

2015 Organizational consulting according to SySt© in Munich 

2014 Systemic organizational structure constellations according to SySt © in Piran 

2003 Coaching and supervision in Cologne and Berlin 

1987 Graduate theologian in Leipzig

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