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Recovery Coaching to live free from addiction

There are many ways out of addiction.

Every person who wants to free themselves from an addiction or codependency needs their own unique path. Some go through Alcoholics Anonymous meetings or other groups, others go to a farm and live and work there,  others remain in their job with accompanying therapy, for others substitutes are the right way. There is no recipe that fits everyone. There is no right or wrong either.

Addiction affects our thoughts, our feelings and our bodies. We can meet addiction on all three levels. What counts is the longing for an addiction-free life and the strength to take small steps forward.  I'm not saying it's easy, but it's possible.

In my recovery coaching sessions, I accompany you on your personal path to independence.

In the coaching sessions we talk about the connection between addiction and  your emotions and your body. I will show you ways to hold your feelings, endure them and get them flowing. These are often special exercises from Kundalini Yoga. You will learn new coping strategies for difficult situations.

From the multitude of possibilities for an addiction-free life, I will help you to find the right ones for you:  Nutrition, exercise and sports, writing a diary, rituals for beginning and ending the day, serving the community, work and relationships - we look at these areas of life and understand how healing is possible in them.

Recovery coaching steps




The first conversation

The plan

The implementation

You tell me about yourself, the way you live, what occupies you and how you would like to be and live. What can stay the way it is? What should change?

We develop a concrete and very individual plan that suits your needs and possibilities.  In almost every case, yoga is an important building block on the path to freedom.

I accompany you in the implementation of your plan and also support you in every session with breathing, mediation or yoga sequences that can be helpful for your needs.

Price per session     60 min. / €70.00

As a first step, it makes sense that we arrange three hours, then we can see together what support you need from then on, or whether you will continue on your way without my help.

Are you ready for the next step on your way out of addiction?

Then feel free to contact me for a free exploratory talk!

Do you want to be in touch with yourself, know your emotions and endure them?

Would you like to find your own way of being here in this world?

Do you still have questions?

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